VP: Protection of Persian Gulf an international, regional responsibility

Tehran, April 28, IRNA – Vice-President for Legal Affairs Elham Aminzadeh said that it is a collective responsibility for all both in the regional and international scales to try to protect the Persian Gulf.
She made the remarks in Tehran on Wednesday evening in the closing ceremony of a gathering which specially focused on the Persian Gulf .

Outlining the hazards threatening the environmental conditions of the Persian Gulf,

Aminzadeh said that the annual number of more than 10,000 vessels shuttling along the Persian Gulf, the ongoing projects on exploration, extraction and refining oil, lack of proper operations to dredg ports, construction of quays, artificial islands, soil exploitations on seashores and carrying out of construction projects on shores for mere business profits while ignoring environment health factors are among the most dangerous threats endangering the healthy life of the Persian Gulf.

She said that the entry and deposit of dusts coming from western part of the Persian Gulf in absence of coordinated management upon political heterogenic of the Persian Gulf littoral states is also another danger to threat environmental health of the region.

Referring to numerous regional and international conventions as well as domestic laws to protect life of the Persian Gulf, the VP said that keeping the area safe and sound from threats needed a collective move.