Iran starts counting ballots in runoff legislative vote

Iran has started counting ballots cast in the second round of legislative elections as voting draws to a close in nearly all of the 21 provinces across the country.

Mohammad Hossein Moqisimi, the head of Interior Ministry’s Election Committee, said the counting process started as soon as voting ended in different constituencies.

The run-off parliamentary elections to fill 68 seats in the 290-seat Majlis has ended at most of the constituencies. Voting hours, which was scheduled to close at 6:00 pm local time (1330 GMT), was extended for hours due to high turnout.

The elections were held in 55 constituencies in the country. There was no run-off vote in the capital, Tehran, where Reformists and independents won all 30 seats during February’s elections.

As many as 136 candidates run for constituencies where candidates failed to obtain the required minimum 25 percent of votes cast.

Around 17 million people were eligible to vote in the run-off elections.

Iran held the 10th parliamentary and 5th Assembly of Experts elections on February 26 with an overall turnout of 62 percent nationwide.

The new parliament is scheduled to begin its session on May 27.

By Press TV