Intl. community should stop American banditry: MP

TEHRAN, Apr. 26 (MNA) – First vice-speaker of Iran’s Parliament Aboutorabi-Fard addressed the APA members in Tehran to open its Standing Committee on Social and Cultural Affairs’ meeting on Tuesday.

“If the international community does not stop the banditry of the US Supreme Court, these international bandits will confiscate the interests of nations for their illegitimate interests,” said First Vice-Speaker of Iran’s Parliament Mohammad Hassan Aboutorabi-Fard in the opening of the meeting of the Asian Parliamentary Assembly (APA) Standing Committee on Social and Cultural Affairs in Tehran on Tuesday.

The senior MP was referring to the US Supreme Court’s ruling of last Wednesday that Iranian assets frozen in American banks had to be turned over to the American families of the people killed in a 1983 bombing in Beirut and other attacks blamed on Iran.

Calling the international community to rise against the infringement of the nations’ rights, Aboutorabi-Fard added that the Iranians have always stood up against the greed of the superpowers.

“Iranians have always been successful in their encountering with US political system, and the last case of Iranians’ victory was in defending the legitimate right of owning and practicing nuclear science and technology,” underlined the Iranian MP.

He reassured that Iranians will also succeed in the case of ‘the banditry of the US Supreme Court’ and voiced hope that the suppressed nations of the world stand up against ‘these bandits’ for their rights.

“To fight poverty, and to answer the needs of the human society, dialogue is needed, but a kind of dialogue, which according to the Holy Quran, is intended for boosting friendship and ending violence,” the Iranian lawmaker said in his opening address.

Aboutorabi-Fard stressed that the APA’s standing committee of cultural and social affairs is the place to talk about improving the relations between the followers of different religions, and halting violence and animosity, which are all in accordance with the teachings of the Holy Quran.

The Iranian MP lashed out at countries which are arming terrorists in Syria, bombarding civilians in Yemen, and holding talks to wedge between the religious diversity in the western Asia.

He called the Israeli regime a cancer tumor which has been transplanted in the Middle East to keep the area forever in war and suppress Palestinians.

“The nation of the Palestine should not be oppressed, they should be free to decide for their own country, and those who have conquered the land Palestine should leave it; these are the solutions to end the crisis in the region,” underlined Aboutorabi-Fard.

By Mehr News Agency