Daesh planning to attack civil targets in Stockholm

Up to eight Daesh militants have arrived in Sweden and are preparing to carry out terror attacks in the country’s capital of Stockholm, according to Iraqi security service.

STOCKHOLM (Sputnik) — Sweden’s Expressen newspaper reported, citing own sources that the Iraqi secret service had provided the Swedish Security Service (SAPO) with this information.

The newspaper added that the potential terror attack was expected to target civilians.

The SAPO issued a statement, saying that it was examining new information about a potential terrorist threat but did not provide any details regarding the threat’s character.

European countries have been boosting their security measures following a number of terrorist attacks, such as the multiple blasts in Brussels on March 22 and the series of attacks in Paris on November 13, in light of the threat posed by terrorist groups.

In March, media reported citing intelligence sources that some 400 militants had been trained by Daesh, which is prohibited in a number of countries, including the United States and Russia, to carry out attacks in Europe.

By Sputnik