Iran ready to help expedite Silk Road revival: Soltanifar

Tehran, April 24, IRNA – The Islamic Republic of Iran is ready to help expedite the revival of the Silk Road and activate its capacity, vice-president and head of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization said Saturday.

Addressing the 6th UNWTO Silk Road Task Force Meeting in Orumiyeh, Soltanifar noted that the Silk Road has been a route for political, cultural and tourism links between Asia and Europe over the centuries and has brought about development for many countries.

Iran as the heir of ancient Persia in the center of the Silk Road has been the connecting link between the East and West countries throughout history, he added.

The Iranian official further noted that over the years the Silk Road has been a route for exchange of goods between different countries and varied civilizations but that unfortunately by spread of terrorism and the existence of certain differences, some controversies have emerged.

Soltanifar said that promotion of friendship between different states and maintaining communication between countries require more intellectual and cultural efforts.

He called for expansion of continental and international cooperation and ending disputes between countries in the coming decade.

The vice president said that the current meeting in Orumiyeh can be a tool to move away from conflicts and promote humanitarian goals.

Soltanifar noted the Islamic Republic of Iran makes efforts to develop tourism, economic, social and international potentials between the Silk Road countries in order to accelerate the process of reviving the Road and produce solidarity among the regional nations.

The three-day UNWTO Silk Road meeting is currently underway in Orumiyeh with the participation of representatives of UNESCO, World Tourism Organization and delegates from more than 33 Silk Road countries. It will end its work on Monday.