CBI lawyer: US Court’s anti-Iran ruling irrelevant to JCPOA

Tehran, April 22, IRNA — A lawyer with the Central Bank of Iran’s (CBI) Legal Studies Department, Hamid Ghanbari, says the US Supreme Court’s ruling has nothing to do with the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

‘Making the decision, the United States of America has shown itself as one of the most insecure country worldwide in terms of keeping foreign banks’ forex reserves,’ said the Iranian lawyer in an interview.

Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran quotes latest reports as indicating that on Wednesday, the US Supreme Court ruled that about two billion dollars of Iranian frozen assets should be taken away for payment in reparation to families of the Americans killed in the 1983 attacks on the US marines’ base.

On the other hand certain sections of the media had over the past two days commented on the report as if blockade and withdrawal of Iranian assets had something to do with the JCPOA and nuclear agreement between Iran and the G5+1, while that’s not true.

The US government’s procedure in issuing such rulings against the Iranian government is contrary to the international law and even contrary to the basic principles of the country’s legal system, he concluded.