Vaezi attends Astara-Astara railroad inauguration

Astara-Astara railroad to contribute to north-south corridor

ASTARA, Apr. 21 (MNA) – Iranian official has said railroad connecting Iran-Azerbaijan Republic would connect many countries in north and south of the famous trade corridor.

Mahmoud Vaezi who was speaking in the ceremony in Iran-Azerbaijan Republic border in northern city of Astara in the Caspian Sea coasts, said that the railroad would connect Iran and Azerbaijan Republic to make both nations even closer; “Iran and Azerbaijan Republic had historically connected and ethnically, religiously, and culturally close, which is a valuable asset to bilateral ties. We have 20 years of diplomatic relations and now it is in its peak,” Mr. Vaezi told the opening ceremony of a railroad bridge which is to connect both Astaras in either side of the border.

“The current railroad will connect many nations to north-south corridor which have its terminals as far as China in southeast and Finland’s Helsinki in northwest; the corridor will function as a path to peace of nations along with transit of more than 10 million tons of goods; the event coincided with another project, that of Qazvin-Rasht railroad, which is underway with a 92-percent of growth in preparation of infrastructures,” Vaezi addressed the meeting. “We hope that the railroad provide people in both sides of the border to exploit its potentials in boosting trade and transit of goods.”

Iran’s IT minister who is also head of Iran-Azerbaijan Joint Economic Commission, will lead the commission members to Baku to further discussions on the railroad project.

By Mehr News Agency