Danish parliament approves expansion of military mission against Daesh

The Danish Parliament decided to strengthen the country’s military assistance in the fight against Daesh terrorist organization in Syria and Iraq.

STOCKHOLM (Sputnik) – The Danish Parliament has approved by a majority vote a decision to strengthen the country’s military assistance in the fight against Daesh terrorist organization in Syria and Iraq, the government’s press service said Tuesday.

“In the coming months, Denmark will provide F16 fighter jets, special forces and a [C-130J] transport aircraft to support the anti-Daesh international coalition,” the press service said in a statement.

Thus, according to the government data, the total military contribution of Denmark since mid-2016 will include 400 Danish servicemen, including pilots and technical staff.

“The brutal and ruthless terrorist organization Daesh should meet a powerful response from the outside world,” Prime Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen was quoted as saying in the statement.

Daesh is a terrorist group that has seized vast areas in Syria and Iraq, and declared an Islamic caliphate on the territories under its control.

Denmark is a member of the US-led coalition of some 6o nations that have been launching airstrikes against Daesh targets since 2014.
By Sputnik