Parl. letter to Seif demands info on foreign banks

TEHRAN, Apr. 13 (MNA) – Four Principlist MPs have sent a letter to Central Bank Governor demanding that names of foreign banks cooperating with Iran in facilitating banking services be revealed.

Ahmad Tavakkoli, Mohammad Dehghan, Elias Naderan, and Mohammad Hossein Hosseinzadeh Bahraini signed the letter to Valillah Seif, the Central Bank Governor where they made the demand. “After signing by Iran and world powers of JCPOA, considerable criticism by businessmen and private as well as public sectors was leveled against difficulties of opening credit lines and sending money letters to international banks due to then yet biting sanctions; they said that except a few number of banks no other international bank would facilitate the process where Iranian banks had been a party,” reads the letter.

“We request that the Central Bank officially publish the following list of banks:

1. Exact list of foreign banks which worked with Iranian banks and businesses in relevant services after implementation of JCPOA;

2. List of western banks who would readily accept money orders and letters from Iranian destinations;

3. List of Iranian banks which opened credit lines or sent money orders and letters to foreign banks (other than banks which had been working with Iran even before JCPOA implementation).

The motives of the letter has not yet been speculated by the media and economic observers and it is not clear whether these parliamentarians would seek measures to award foreign banks which cooperated with Iranian banks and businesses through legislation.

By Mehr News Agency