Nahavandian: Active diplomacy changes world’s outlook of Iran

Tehran, April 13, IRNA — Presidential Chief of Staff Mohammad Nahavandian underlined that the country’s active economic and political diplomacy had made the world to change its attitude towards Iran.

‘The active economic and political diplomacy of Iran has changed the looks towards Iran and the visits by foreign countries’ leaders and dignitaries to Iran is an outcome of that,’ Nahavandian wrote on his Instagram page.

He went on to say that Kazakh president visited Iran two days ago and during his visit to Iran 66 documents were signed between the two countries.

‘Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, heading a 250-member delegation, arrived in Tehran on Tuesday,’ Nahavandian said.

He reiterated that the exchange of visits between Iranian and foreign officials is a sign of success of Iran’s active economic and political diplomacy.