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A look at Iranian newspaper front pages on April 13

IFP has taken a look at the front pages of newspapers on Wednesday and picked headlines from 19 of them. IFP has simply translated the headlines and does not vouch for their accuracy.


1- A Judiciary official: Ahmadinejad’s prolonged proceedings has nothing to do with his position

2- Iran is in a group containing South Korea, Uzbekistan, China, Qatar and Syria for 2018 World Cup

3- National Reforms Charter in Iraq signed





1- Government opposes widespread cutting of cash subsidies

2- Syrian Special Forces kill 200 Takfiris, says Army Commander

3- After 8 years, Air France resumes Tehran flights

4- Italy is the frontrunner in expanding ties with Iran among EU members

5- Getting nearer to solving Syrian political crisis

6- Iran in Group of Hope and Saudi Arabia in Group of Death for 2018 World Cup




Arman Emrouz:

1- Rome’s Spring greeting for Tehran

-Italian Premier: we will work for lifting of sanctions

2- Rouhani: Italian visit has a clear message for us





1- Supreme Leader meets Italian Premier: We look favourably on Italy

2- Iran and Italy sign 6 MoUs and cooperation agreements

3- Minister of Science: International neurological center to be launched





1- Post- JCPOA laughter:

– Italian Prime Minister’s Tehran visit reconfirmed agreements signed by Iran and Italy in Rome

2- Story of a soldier-teacher’s harsh life





1- Carlos Queiroz will take Iranian soccer team to World Cup, says head of Iran’s Football Federation

2- Rouhani meets Italian Prime Minister: Terrorism is in no-one’s interest





1- Rouhani: Italy played its role in Nuclear Agreement by appointing Mogherini





1- Government opposes cutting cash subsidies of 24m Iranians

2- Tehran a destination for many of world’s prominent diplomats




Jomhouri Eslami:

1- Leader of the Revolution to Italian Premier: Visits by European officials give no tangible results.

2- Supporters of terrorism honour each other by awarding medallions

3- US has kidnapped hundreds of Iraqi scientists

4- Yemeni Ansarollah: violation of ceasefire by Saudis will result in peace process failure

5: War games by Ground Forces of Revolutionary Guards kick off





1- After JCPOA, US government is intimidating all those who want to cooperate with Iran, says Supreme Leader in meeting Italian Premier

2- Queiroz smiles at Iran’s favourable World Cup qualification group

3- Psychological JCPOA

-President Rouhani: the psychological part of sanctions still remains to be wiped out

4- First confession by Tel Aviv about supporting terrorism:

-Netanyahu: We attacked Hezbollah many times in Syria





1- Revolutionary Guards in war games

-Heavy bombardments by tanks and armoured carriers in exercises codenamed “Grand Prophet” in southeast of the country




Rah-e Mardom:

1- Rouhani: Divine religions, including Islam, have nothing to do with terrorism





1- Leader to Italian PM: Some European countries follow Washington’s orders

2- Rouhani to Italian PM: Quick action needed for settling banking transactions

3- Bashar Assad: Federal system will destroy the country




Asre Resaneh:

1- Italy to construct 500MW renewable power plant in Iran

2- Minister of Communications: National Information network to be unveiled in 6 months





1- Important Parliamentary Elections in Syria:

– 14 million people go to polls in Syria today

2- UNICEF publishes horrendous report about killing of Yemeni children by Saudis





1- Italian Prime Minister: Today Iran is the most stable country in the region




Vaghye Etefaghiye:

1- US is a supporter of Daesh, Supreme Leader tells Italian Premier:

– Information about assistance given by US to Daesh and other terrorist groups.





1- Assessments show that Iran will experience 4% growth this year

2- Italian Prime Minister said Rome will lift all sanctions against Iran

3- German chain store Metro Group in Iran




Aftab Yazd:

1- Aref to be Speaker of Parliament:

– Hashemi and Rouhani agreed on Aref, as the most vote-winning member of Parliament in the Tehran constituency, becoming Parliament Speaker


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