Feryal Mostofi

TCCIM: Iran-Britain business conference to hold in London

TCCIM, Aiming to confer with great banks an Iranian delegation heading by minister of industry, Mine & trade going to take part at Iran-Britain business conference titled as “new outlook to to trade & investment between Iran and Britain” which will be held in London last week.

The event would be a delegation for Iranian private sector’s economic activists and businessmen/women to share their ideas fo joint investment and more collaboration.

Invited at the event Feryal Mostofi , representative of Tehran chamber of commerce, going to take a speech about business atmosphere in post sanction Iran.

In an interview with Tehran chamber’s public relations Mostofi gave notice from eagerness of British firms to take part in Iran’s different economic domains. In a recent meeting had been held by Financial times the British economic & financial firms have been express ready to do business with Iranian partners she pointed out.

According to Mostofi lake of banking relations is a great problem to establish economic ties between Iran and EU countries.
Thje great European banks not have yet launched its brokerage division with Iran therefore Iranian privste sector try to participate in international events and engage with private sectors in other countries resolve out this problem.

By Tccim.ir