Iranian bank services guard foreign investment

TEHRAN, Apr. 10 (MNA) – Saman Bank of Iran is offering reliable custodian services to help support the foreign investment in Iran after the implementation of JCPOA.

Iran’s nuclear deal with the E3/EU+3 countries, dubbed “Joint Comprehensive Plan of Actions” (JCPOA), and its implementation on July 14, 2015, was followed by flow of enthusiast foreign investors to the oil rich country, yet lack of a credited legal person to protect their investment in Iran remained as a great concern.

In a bid to respond the concerns, Iran’s Saman Bank has established custodian services to help the investors to go through the process without worrying about the physical protection of their capital and execution affairs of investing.

The bank, enjoying from a powerful financial group including brokerage, exchanges, investment bank, and insurance company as well as capable human resources, solid reputation and up-to-date e-banking system, provides the foreign investors with reliable custodian services.

The custodian services offered by Saman Bank include registration of the investor (in desired field of investing), opening cash account, safeguarding of investors’ assets, buying and selling operations, money exchange, periodic evaluation of assets and reporting, management of annual profit as well as management of the account and transactions.

Providing the customers with a list of possible and legal assets for investing is another offer by custodian services of the Saman Bank, advising the investors on possible and proper fields as well as methods to remove the restrictions if any exists.

By Mehr News Agency