Daesh flourishes in Afghanistan, plans to use country for wider expansion

The head of the Russian Foreign Ministry’s department for Asian countries said that Daesh militant group is expanding in Afghanistan and wishes to use the country as a “springboard for a wider expansion”.
MOSCOW (Sputnik) — Daesh militant group is expanding in Afghanistan and wishes to use the country as a “springboard for a wider expansion,” the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry’s department for Asian countries said.

“[Daesh] exists [in Afghanistan]. It flourishes and expands. It just acts quietly and gather strength for decisive actions,” Zamir Kabulov, who is also the Russian presidential envoy for Afghanistan, told the Izvestiya newspaper in an interview released Wednesday.

According to the official, Daesh has less militants than Taliban, but it does not spend its resources on fighting Afghan and US servicemen in the country.

“They have other aims. They need Afghanistan as a springboard for a wider expansion,” Kabulov explained.

Afghanistan is experiencing political, social and security instability, as the Taliban movement and other radical extremist organizations such as Daesh, which is prohibited in many countries, including the United States and Russia, continue to stage attacks against civilian and state targets.
By Sputnik