Brussels terror attacks

ISIS ghost army strikes Brussels, elsewhere in West

Alwaght- The members of the “ghost army” of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of the terror organization ISIS, are not members of a clandestine army, nor are they a part of resistant squads in the Hitler-time Europe. The West is at war with the ghost forces who just have given up their mind to the Raqqa-based caliph of the so-called state so that they could contribute to establishment of their caliphate, which has no geographical features, boundaries and not even it recognizes the ethnic and racial distinctions. This means establishment of two forms of caliphates standing, at the same time, along each other. One is visible and run by the jihadis who are trying to establish their state in the Greater Khurasan, a region covering Central Asia, east of Iran and China’s Muslim-Inhabited areas, Hejaz- or the Arabian Peninsula-, and the Levant, where Syria is located now. The other one is run by the ghost jihadis who have bought the words of the jihadi cleric Sheikh Youssef Oraee who said that “If the infidels do not convert to Islam, all of the Muslims must fight at their homes to make them Muslims.” Those kind of people who, just contrary to the predictions of the German social psychologist Erich Fromm, are not power-seekers, nor are they seeking a kind of alienation from the society.

Living in the heart of the Western civilization, the ghost jihadists find the sense deep in the calls of al-Baghdadi for “sacred jihad”. “The jihadi youth should go to the jihad, become martyr or keep dreaming of martyrdom. A real Muslim must shoulder the responsibility, spread the message of Islam to the humanity, so, he cannot live alone and must be with the society. He must first invite the others to Islam. The responsibility of a Muslim youth is that he has to adopt the teachings of the Sharia without considering political boundaries. Therefore, capturing a country for restoring the Sharia law is a canonical duty.” These are the words said by the so-called ghost jihadis who flavor their senseless and absurd life, which is taking place in a context of European secular governing systems, by religion.

Thereby, the “virtual caliphate” project was launched using the three bases of inviting to martyrdom, armed jihad and rejecting belonging to a geographic homeland. The web and all of the modernism’s instruments have turned into good means in the hands of the retrogressive, sanctimonious jihadists so that they could make martyrdom a global call. In the next step they introduce the notion of the boundaryless nation, to stand as a motivation for seeking freedom. Then, the jihad in its place pushes the nation-building project close to a “united nation”- or One Ummah as it is called.

In such an atmosphere the ideology is created, which could gather all of the humiliated of the world around the divinely, sainted caliph. A caliph who is not like the philosopher Karl Marx, nor is he like the soviet politician Leon Trotsky or Vladimir Lenin, the soviet leader. If these famous people’s addresses are directed at the global network of the proletarians, the caliph’s message targets each and every member of the “world-wide network of the humiliated”, so that it be equipped with a “spider’s net attraction system”. The global network of the humiliated works like the haunting nets of a spider. The individuality of the person works like the spider’s net so that the prey would not stay without its hunter. So, behind every ISIS’ operation on the soil of the Western civilization the global network and the terrorist individuality are working on the same line. They spark fear in a bid to put the Islamic caliphate’s power and horror in a favorable level.

In such a condition, the virtual caliphate turns into a first cause of panic in the heart of the Western civilization. This is the same bitter truth well revealed by the American journalist Steven Emerson in his book the American Jihad. Mr. Emerson says in his book the pro-caliphs and those blood thirsty to the “Crusaders” are living among the Americans. They are unbelievably the neighbors of the Americans and are living on the same streets with them. They can never be rejected by the American society.

The caliph’s ghost troops have become part of the pillars of the game of politics in the West. They limit the democracy’s level and form and revive the populists as well as right-wing extremists to give rise to more (extremist) figures like US presidential frontrunner Donald Trump and the right-wing French politician Marine Le Pen. Today, ISIS and its infantry in the US and Europe have shifted into third-party players in the global political equations so that the landless caliphate leaves a track everywhere and shows itself off.

ISIS and the Western populists are like a double-edged sword which would tear the world apart simultaneously. The time would come one day eventually.

By Al Waght