Negotiation sans defense power useless: MP

TEHRAN, Mar. 31 (MNA) – A senior Iranian parliamentarian believes Iran’s missile might brought west to negotiation table.

Secretary of National Security and Foreign Policy Commission of Parliament Mohammad Hassan Asafari in an interview to Mehr News Agency said negotiation with other countries without support of defensive power of armed forces was useless and would lead to giving up to the other side.

Arak MP who was talking to Mehr News in regard to Ayatollah Khamenei’s remarks on Wednesday asserted that Iran with thousands of years of ancient civilization has always pioneered in solving conflicts; “warmongers have nothing to say and want to push their agenda by bullying and force; negotiation, however, without any defensive might is unacceptable and doomed to failure.”

He underlined that hostility of the United States and Zionists towards the Islamic Republic is endless and stated that “we cannot give up with our defense might and deceive ourselves with lip services that no danger is threatening our country.”

Asafari also believed that given the US and Europeans efforts to achieve modern technologies in weapons industry it was ‘nonsense’ if Iran would not improve its defensive powers.

Strongly criticizing a remark published on social network accounts associated with a senior official who had said today world is of talks and not missiles, the parliamentarian reaffirmed that negotiation will be possible “only when we enjoy missile and defensive powers. If our armed forces didn’t have such capabilities, our negotiators could not bring the western sides to negotiation table.”

By Mehr News Agency