President Rouhani backs resistance economy, N-deal gains

Tehran, March 28, IRNA – President Hassan Rouhani put his support behind the resistance economy policies saying that additional time is needed to enjoy outcomes of the nuclear deal in attraction of capital, technology transfer, and economic interactions.

Speaking at the first cabinet session in the new Iranian year (started March 20), he said that following the measures taken in previous years, ground is better prepared for achieving the results.

He hailed the nuclear agreement as a significant and enduring phenomenon in the history of Iran and world and added, ‘Government is seriously monitoring implementation of the deal and the commitments of the opposite party.’

President Rouhani welcomed naming the current year by the Supreme Leader after resistance economy and said, ‘This also shows that in the eyes of the Leader, the main issue is economy too. We deeply have faith in this policy.’

He also categorically defended the measures taken to secure the country’s defense might and said, ‘We will pursue any move required for strengthening the country’s defense capacity. This is our strategic policy. We have to be vigilant not to give any pretext to the enemies though.’