Rouhani: Relations with Pakistan are ‘strategic’

Tehran, March 25, IRNA – President Hassan Rouhani, who started a two-day visit to Pakistan this morning, said Tehran and Islamabad enjoy ‘strategic’ relations.

Talking to reporters before leaving for Islamabad on Friday morning, the President said, ‘I’m glad that my first foreign trip in the new Iranian year is to a Muslim and friendly country.’

Expressing that Pakistan is highly important for Iran, President Rouhani said,’They are a great nation with a population of around 200 million and many religious and cultural commonalities with us.’

‘We have had good relations with Pakistan since their independence and bilateral ties have been higher than normal and the two nations have been very close to each other,’ said the President.

Reminding that his visit is a response to two trips made by Pakistan Prime Minister to Tehran, President Rouhani said, ‘We are ready to develop relations in different areas. In economic affairs, we can provide Pakistan with oil, gas, and electricity. We have agreements in these regards and much more cooperation can be materialized in the future. Furthermore, we have long common borders, security of which is important for both of us.’

‘The two countries can also cooperate on transportation since Iran and Pakistan can join east and west,’ said the President.

Stressing that the two countries are very close in cultural affairs, President Rouhani said Tehran and Islamabad should expand their cultural relations.

The President added that regional problems, security relations and fighting against terrorism will also be discussed in his talks in Islamabad, adding that Pakistan and Iran are both members of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), and Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO), so they can have more cooperation which is in benefit of the two countries, the region and the whole world.