Rouhani calls for public participation to address particle pollution

Ahvaz, March 16, IRNA – The government is doing its best to improve the living environment as it directly affects the public health, President Hassan Rouhani said on Wednesday, calling for public participation to address the issue of particle pollution.

President Rouhani told the third session of the high administrative council for the environmental protection that it is necessary to encourage public participation to addressing the environmental issues including particle pollution and protecting the wildlife.

We should build local capacity to address the problem of particle pollution, the President said.

President Rouhani also said that special attention should be given to controlling the phenomenon of particle pollution and we should use the local capacity sustained by the Basij Resistance Force volunteers and those in the educational sector.

The government is going to throw its whole weight behind controlling and stopping the particle pollution, he said.

Parts of Iran especially cities in the Province of Khuzestan are suffering from particle pollution for more than a decade.

Most of the cities in Khuzestan have been affected by dust and particle pollution from yesterday raising the level of the pollutant to more than 15 times the standard level.