Evidence shows military equipment delivered to Daesh, Iran says

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – A senior Iranian army commander said on Wednesday that Iran has evidence that shows 75 vehicles loaded with military equipment have been delivered to the Takfiri terrorist group Daesh (ISIL) by those who claim to be fighting the militants.

“Right at a time when some are chanting slogans that Daesh should be eradicated, they themselves deliver 37 cars and 38 trucks (full) of (military) equipment to Daesh,” Brigadier General Ali Arasteh, the coordination deputy of the Iranian Army Ground Force, said in a ceremony in Tehran.

“We have all the images and documents on the delivery, and will release them in due time,” he added.

He further referred to the attempts made by the Global Arrogance to undermine Islam and bring down the Islamic Revolution by reinforcing different groups, such as Daesh, saying that the enemy, under any circumstances, is willing to be present in the region and intends to question Islam by supporting the Zionist and Islamophobia.

Iran has frequently emphasized the need for cutting the routes through which Daesh receives financial and arms aid from other countries, particularly those in the Middle East.

Speaking on the sidelines of the 69th annual session of the United Nations General Assembly, Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani called for cutting off financial resources of the terrorist group.

Referring to the atrocities committed by the Daesh militants in the Middle East, Rouhani also said certain countries must stop supporting the Takfiris in the region.

“The terrorists’ financial resources must be cut off. The countries that have assisted them financially… must feel the burden of this responsibility and stop financial assistance to terrorist groups,” he said at the time.

By Tasnim News Agency