Iranian Commander: Saudi aggression against Yemen like Saddam’s war on Iran

The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) navy commander said likened the Saudi-led aggression against Yemen to the war launched by former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein on the Islamic Republic.

It is not only Saudi Arabia but also the world, led by the US and its dirty puppets, who are fighting against the Yemenis, said Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi a local ceremony in Qom. 

Saudi regime was the initiator of the war in Yemen, Fadavi said, adding war in Yemen is similar to the war imposed by Saddam Hussein against Iran.

During the 1980-1988 imposed Iran-Iraq war, it superficially seemed that Iraq was the side against Iran, but they were truly over 54 countries which were supporting Iraq, said Fadavi, IRNA news agency reported. 

These days, he added, Yemen is also witnessing such a situation that Iran experienced.

Fadavi said that the US and the Zionist regime are major trail-blazers in taking military action against Yemen, noting that the news about the oppressed Yemen is not broadcast thoroughly.

During the past year, Saudi Arabia has not been able to take any effective step against Yemen, he stressed, adding the Yemenis have relied on power of God.

Saudi Arabia with the help of nine other Arab countries except Oman has been mounting massive attacks on Yemen since March 26, 2015.

Since then, thousands of Yemenis including children and women have been killed and tens of thousands have been displaced.

Referring to January arrest by IRGC forces of the American sailors who entered Iran’s territorial waters illegally, Fadavi said none of world states, even members of the European Union (EU), dare to hold up the US non-military boats even for a judicial case.

However, he added, the IRGC naval forces did so and stopped the US military boats as a normal and routine mission.

The American sailors were freed after the country apologized to Iran for illegal entry.

By Al Manar