High Commissioner for Human Rights appreciates Iran’s cooperation with intl’ bodies

Tehran, March 4, IRNA – The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein in a meeting with Iran’s Secretary of Human Rights Headquarter Mohammad Javad Larijani appreciated Iran’s suitable cooperation with observer bodies on conventions and presenting related periodical reports and called for consolidation and expansion of such cooperation.

According to the report of Human Rights Headquarters on Friday, in continuation of bilateral meetings on human rights in Geneva, Larijani met with Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein.

The UN official said that fight against drugs is a global issue and Iran is located in the front line of this fight.

Right now, there are serious discussions in the UN concerning paying more attention to dimensions related to health, sanitation and social harms of drug smuggling, Ra’ad Hussein said.

Expressing sorrow over distressing situations in the Middle East, the high commissioner referred to social and international consequences of war and violence and said that the issue of emigrants, mainly Muslims from the Mideast and emerging problems for them in Europe is on agenda of the UN and we are following up to promote emigrants, minorities and refugees rights in Europe and asked all European states to face the issue appropriately.

Referring to Iran’s rich culture and old civilization in the world and by saying that such huge historical background would be very efficient in promotion and support of human rights.

Al-Hussein also expressed desire to visit Iran and talk to Iranian human rights and judicial officials, which was welcomed by Iranian delegation.

Secretary of Human Rights Headquarters Larijani said that both Judicial and Executive bodies of Iran pay special attention to dimensions of health, sanitation and social harms of drug smuggling, and added that fight against drug smugglers is a very serious issue, which should be paid attention to at a global level, because the whole world benefit from this fight by Iran.

Mohammad Javad Larijani underlined positive bilateral interaction concerning human rights situation and emphasized on more cooperation of Iran with Human Rights Council and Secretariat and called for acceleration of such mutual cooperation.

Iran’s Ambassador and representative in Geneva Mohsen Naziri, Head of Prison Organization Asghar Jahangir and Deputy Head of HRH for international affairs Kazem Gharibabadi were attending the meeting.

In the meeting, the two sides underlined the necessity for constructive treatment with issues and preventing from political and selective strategies in the field of Human Rights.