World must abandon pre-JCPOA mentality about Iran

TEHRAN, Mar. 02 (MNA) – Iran’s deputy permanent representative to UN said Tue. under current situation there is no obstacle in expanding ties with Iran and the world must change its mentality about Iran with the implementation of nuclear deal.

The United Nations Trusteeship Council held a meeting on Tuesday to brief the member states on the implementation steps of UN resolution 2231 for the endorsement of the JCPOA.

Spanish Ambassador who has been appointed by the UN Security Council as the facilitator of implementing resolution 2231, held a briefing session on Tuesday with all UN members in attendance and informed them about the implementation arrangements of the resolution and Iran’s nuclear deal.

At the start of the meeting with Iran’s deputy permanent representative to UN Gholamhossein Dehghani in attendance, the Spanish envoy maintained that with the adoption of the resolution and the subsequent dissolution of Iran Sanctions Committee, it became necessary to create new arrangements and innovations for the execution of the resolution and the contents of the JCPOA.

He added that the Security Council has entrusted him with the position of ‘facilitator’ for implementing the resolution and he will report to the members of the Council every six months on the execution process.

Iranian UN envoy, Dehghani, during a speech at the meeting, said following the implementation of the nuclear agreement, the previously-formed mentality about Iran under the sanctions must be set aside and the new realities about the Islamic Republic and economic and political relations with the country must be taken into consideration.

“Whatever has been raised about Iran has now become history and under new circumstances, there is no obstacle in expanding cooperation with Iran in all various fields,” he said.

“As the first step, countries must accept this new reality and make the necessary changes and reforms in their domestic laws and regulations in regard to economic cooperation with Iran,” said Dehghani, adding “as a matter of fact, many countries have already taken this step and we are now witnessing the world’s keen interest in resuming economic ties with Iran in various fields.”

Dehghani concluded that the JCPOA should be regarded as an opportunity for all members of the international community, adding “all countries, especially those in the region, should take advantage of this opportunity for strengthening security and prosperity in the Middle East and beyond.”

By Mehr News Agency