President urges cabinet to work hard on water management

Tehran, March 2, IRNA – President Hassan Rouhani urged his cabinet of ministers to work hard to promote the issue of water management in the country.

n a message to a gathering to mark National Day of Water here on Tuesday, the president said the government had to focus on ways to improve water management methods and skills.

He referred to the approaching of spring season in Iran and said this was a good time to focus on the issue of water which is a basic challenge in the national scale.

The President further noted that water crisis is a real challenge which threatens the living of the contemporary man especially in the Middle East and Iran.

Blaming the water shortage to extreme consumption rate, he noted that his government took the first steps to address the challenge by setting up a special committee to “save” Orumiyeh Lake followed by other measures like formation of a water council to deal with basic problems which cause water shortage in the country and also devise remedies for it.

However, President Rouhani went on to stress, government’s efforts are going to bear no fruit in absence of effective participation of all sectors involved in water sectors in the country.