Rolls-Royce thanks Iranian refinery


TEHRAN, Feb 29 (Shana) — English turbine giant Rolls-Royce granted a certificates of appreciation to Fajr Jam Refinery for maintaining its turbines and proper operation of Rolls-Royce machinery under the sanctions.

Managing Director of the refinery told Shana that Rolls-Royce gas turbines are installed at propulsion engines of the refinery and are otherwise used as jet propellers.

Hadi Hashemi Zadeh said Rolls-Royce has offered the certificate to Fajr Jam refinery for maintenance of the turbines over the course of the past few years.

He said these turbines needed to be transferred to Canada for overhaul previously.

One of the turbines was sent to Canada during the sanctions era which was blocked in the country but is now scheduled to be transferred to Iran, Hashem Zadeh added.

Fajr Jam experts are now capable of giving the turbines complete overhaul.