Latest results of Majlis voting in Tehran

Tehran, Feb 29, IRNA – Iran’s Election Headquarters on Monday announced the latest results of the vote count in Tehran constituency.

According to the Interior Ministry Headquarters for Elections, a total of 3,161,291 votes were counted out of 4, 487 balloting boxes in Shahr-e Rey, Shemiranat, Eslamshahr and Pardis townships in Tehran province.

Polling started at 08:00 a.m. (04:30 GMT) across Iran on Friday, Feb 26, 2016.

The following people have acquired the highest number of votes so far:

1- Mr. Mohammad Reza Aref: 1,543,185
2- Mr. Ali Motahhari: 1,381,971
3- Ms. Soheyila Jelodarzadeh: 1,252,902
4- Mr. Ali Reza Mahjoub: 1,251,696
5- Mr. Eliyas Hazrati: 1,230,584
6- Mr. Kazem Jalali: 1,204,371
7- Mr.Mohammad Reza Badamchi: 1,197,491
8- Ms. Farideh Oladqobad: 1,189,744
9- Ms. Fatemeh Hosseini: 1,159,619
10-Mr. Mostafa Kavakebian: 1,159,401
11-Ms. Parvaneh Salahshouri: 1,139,829
12-Mr.Abolfazl Soroush: 1,138,647
13-Mr. Ali Nobakht Haqiqi: 1,123,414
14-Mr. Gholamreza Heidari: 1,122,784
15-Mr. Mehdi Sheikh: 1,119,608
16-Ms.Fatemeh Saeedi: 1,116,359
17-Ms. Mohammad Ali Vakili: 1,112,121
18-Mr. Mahmoud Sadeqi: 1,111,594
19-Mr.Behrouz Nemati: 1,103,989
20-Ms. Parvaneh Maafi: 1,103,563
21-Ms. Fatemeh Zolqadr: 1,102,515
22-Mr. Mohammad Javad Fathi: 1,079,264
23-Ms. Tayyebeh Siavoshi Shah Enayati: 1,077,365
24-Mr. Farid Mousavi: 1,075,314
25-Mr. Mohammad Reza Najafi: 1,072,869
26-Mr. Davoud Mohammadi: 1,071,992
27-Mr. Mohsen Alijani Zamani: 1,071,698
28-Mr. Ahmad Mazani: 1,066,640
29-Mr.Ali Reza Rahimi: 1,061,553
30-Mr.Abdolreza Hashemzaei: 1,039,884
31-Mr.Gholamali Haddad Adel: 1,004,522

The first 30 people in the final list which will be announced shortly will represent people of Teharan and four townships near the capital in the Iranian parliament (majlis).