Upcoming elections to revitalize Iran’s development: Larijani

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Speaker of Iran’s Parliament Ali Larijani on Thursday highlighted the significance of Friday’s parliamentary and Assembly of Experts votes, particularly under the current circumstances, stressing that the polls will have positive effects on the country.

Speaking to reporters, Larijani underlined the need for people’s high turnout in tomorrow’s elections, saying that the current circumstances make such participation even more important.

After the recent resolution of Iran’s nuclear energy case, the country has entered new conditions, and thus needs a fresh breath which will be provided by the votes, Larijani said.

Elections are an opportunity for revitalizing the country’s development process, he said, adding that the new parliament will set a fresh road-map for Iran to move toward better economic conditions.

Iranian officials have in recent weeks reiterated the importance of the elections and called for massive turnout in the polls.

In an address to a group of Iranian people on Wednesday, Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei underlined the significance of going to the polls, saying that it would display people’s power despite different kinds of pressures, cruel sanctions, and mischievous propaganda against Iran.

The Leader also assured that the Iranian nation will be the ultimate victor despite all the efforts made by the enemy.

The results of upcoming elections, whatever they are, would be to the benefit of Iran, Ayatollah Khamenei said, stressing that whether the Iranian people make good or bad choices, the outcome would go back to themselves, so they had better make a good choice.

There are currently 290 seats in the Iranian parliament, known as Majlis, elected by direct vote of people in nationwide election for four years.

The Assembly of Experts is also a high-ranking body that elects and oversees the activities of the leader of the Islamic Revolution.

Members of the assembly are directly elected to office by people for an eight-year term. It holds biannual meetings to appoint a new chairman.

By Tasnim News Agency