Judiciary official urges gov’t crushing response to UK’s meddling in elections

Tehran, February 24, The Iran Project – Judiciary spokesman of Iran demands the government and the ministry of foreign affairs and all facing the accusation of UK’s support to respond harshly to this county’s recent move.

Iran’s Judiciary spokesman, Gholamhossein Mohseni Ejei made the remarks on the sidelines of a meeting to sign a memorandum of understanding between Iran and Iraq inspection organizations in Tehran.

Responding to a reporter’s question over the UK government’s demand to vote certain candidates in Iran’s upcoming election, judiciary official stated that the measure needs to be responded by people and by the government and ministry of foreign affairs in a tough and decisive way.

Highlighting the UK negative image in Iranians’ minds, he told that the UK or any other country’s plots to intervene Iran’s affairs prove futile.

He stressed the connection between the UK government and those who have been supported by the country, adding that Iranians are vigilant and will act against their willing.

In concluding part of his remarks, the judiciary senior official pointed the irrational UK’s decision, underlining that the move even was followed by the objective voice of US Secretary of State which called the London’s act “a mistake”.