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Spokesman: Iran supports Lebanese nation, army

Hossein Jaberi Ansari

Tehran, Feb 22, IRNA – Foreign Ministry spokesman Hossein Jaberi Ansari said Iran continues its support for Lebanese nation and army.

Talking to reporters during his weekly press briefing, he made the remark when asked if Lebanon has demanded any aid from Iran to compensate for shortages it is facing now after Saudi Arabia denied a promised aid.

He said Iran has received no official request from Lebanon to this effect but stressed Iran will continue to support the country.

He said Iran has already announced readiness in highest levels for rendering services to the Lebanese army which stands for national unity and territorial integrity of the country while at the same fighting terrorism to bar its spread in the region.

About direct interference of the UK and BBC in the Iranian election affairs, the spokesman stressed that Iran enjoyed completely transparent views.

He said the most prominent achievement of the Islamic revolution for Iran was independence and freedom which makes the nation needless of receiving any advice or recommendations from foreign elements.

He said he was sure that the nation will manifest a magnificent participation in elections and make vigilant and intelligent choices.

Commenting on the visit of the Oman’s Foreign Minister Yusuf bin Alawi to Tehran, he said the Omani minister who was accompanied by an economic delegation carried out extensive discussions with Iran in different areas.

Referring to the long-standing and stable relationship the two countries enjoy, Ansari said that bilateral relations in past decades have always been in the highest possible levels with mutual trust which aimed at safeguarding common interests.


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