Tajikistan ready for Iran’s banking cooperation, investment: Tajik official

Tehran, February 20, The Iran Project – Following the termination of sanctions against Iran, Tajikistan is ready for Iran’s banking cooperation and investment, the Spokesperson of Tajikistan National Banks says on Saturday.

Abdolghaddar Ghorbanov, the Spokesperson of Tajikistan National Bank made the remarks on Saturday as quoted by Tajik local news agencies, expressing readiness for establishing of Iranian banks’ branches and representatives across Tajikistan following the removal of sanctions and opening Iran’s way for investment.

He reportedly referred to his joint meeting last week with Djamshid Nourmohammad Zadeh, Iran’s ambassador to Doshanbeh, saying that during the meeting both Iranian and Tajik sides welcomed the proposed plan for Iran’s investment in Tajikistan banks which is in favor of two countries.

The Tajik official further noted the presence of two Iranian banks in Tajikistan during the sanctions era, adding that with termination of sanctions system by the end of 2015, now Iran’s international accounts have re-opened and Tajik banking system has prepared the ground for attracting Iran’s investment to construct joint firms within the country.