Qatar’s new plots for Arab public opinion

Alwaght- It goes without saying that Al Jazeera and its leaders have some plans for the future, plans that are not brilliant enough as their organizers act in accordance with the way the government of Qatar wishes, and it is no secret that the Qatari government has not pursued a humanitarian policy- at least so far – towards the region and its people. Al Jazeera TV network is not popular today and no one has high opinions about it.

However, based on recently obtained information, directors of Al Jazeera have plans to strengthen their soft power in cultural arena and take important steps in this regard so that they can direct the public opinion and completely dominate the culture and public opinion of the Arab world as they wish. Accordingly, Al Jazeera officials have decided to change the name of this TV network in some stations from Al Jazeera TV network to Bein. Al Jazeera has also purchased the stocks of the Fox Network, except for the news and feature sectors. They have also been negotiating with OSN network in Erbil so that they can own the network since the next year. In addition, Al Jazeera officials have been negotiating to buy the networks of Rotana, and they have begun intense negotiations with Sheikh Saleh to buy all videos related to cultural heritage of Egypt.

Bein TV Network is planned to change drastically and to broadcast its programs in a quite new approach, as the same time FIFA World Cup officially begins in Qatar. Besides, Al Jazeera officials have decided to remove Al Jazeera from the monetary system to provide access to all of its viewers. Al Jazeera is planned to use Sohail Sat, a Qatari satellite, rather than the Nile Sat, the Egyptian satellite. This way, Qatar wants to cut the amount of the financial contribution awarded to Nile Sat. Al Jazeera pays the highest rent to Nile Sat which is about 20 million dollars per year.

This means that Qatar plans to outdo the Arab media and dominate the public opinion, not only in Egypt but also across the Arab world. In this regard, it has intend to start a breathtaking competition with none-Qatari networks, and defeat them one by one. The Egyptians complain about the situation, saying that failure of the Egyptian networks in competition with none-Egyptian networks, have reduced its impact on public opinion in Egypt.

On the other hand, there are growing speculations that MBC network owned by Waleed bin Talal, a Saudi millionaire has begun new efforts to purchase social programs and popular series from Egypt. This means that Qatar and Saudi Arabia have recently put on their agenda the new attempts to direct the Arab communities. At the same time, competition between the two countries is expected to increase their influence on the Arab media more than ever. In the same way, they buy the Egyptian and Arab actress in a stealthy way, and make them infamous or get them isolated, and then open up space for actors of Arab countries of the Persian Gulf. These are among the goals that Qatar and Saudi Arabia seek to achieve to dominate the Arab societies and cultures of the Arab world.

By Alwaght