Jahangiri: Iran capable of motivating part of world economy

Qom, Feb 8, IRNA – The world economy is entangled with problems and recession, Iran is now capable of motivating economy of international community, although not as much as China can do so, said First Vice-President Es’haq Jahangiri on Tuesday.

‘Some people have suspicions about the reason why the foreigners frequent to and from Iran so often, but they will definitely gain benefits from the current give-and- take and each side comes our way, the benefits they will gain and we never forget our fair share of the benefits,’ said Jahangiri addressing the Tuesday evening session of Qom Administrative Council.

Jahangiri said that the young generation needs hope and to know they are living in a country which can create a future of which they could feel proud.
He said that ever since President Rouhani’s government took office it has managed to solve a major part of the problems including the key nuclear issue, which was truly ‘the most complicated negotiations of the 21st Century.’

‘That is because in the negotiations we were not merely face with six world powers, but with the entire EU and the United Nations and there were even saboteurs such as the Saudis and Israel. They assumed if Iran’s problem would be resolved they will face new problems, and therefore did their best to lead the talks face defeat’ he added.

He referred to the government’s low oil income compared with the previous government’s windfall oil income and low economic growth.
Jahangiri said that the government has made the Iranophobia project on which the West, Israel and reactionary regional governments had invested very highly face full defeat.

‘France delivers 118 planes to us without receiving any cash, yet some critics here argue that buying planes was not Iran’s priority, ignoring the fact we will be paying the planes money in installments after carrying passengers with them,’ he said.
Jahangiri contrasted this situation when Iran used to buy second hand planes and introduce them to the nation in a ceremony.