Post-Sanctions Iran set to buy 2 telcom satellites: Minister

Isfahan, Feb 6, IRNA – Minister of Communications and Information Technology Mahmoud Vaezi said that following removal of sanctions, Iran has been in serious negotiations with foreign firms in the last three weeks.

‘We have been in talks with France, Japan, Russia, and South Korea. One of the satellites is a national telecommunications satellite and other one is a national telemetry satellite,’ he told IRNA during a visit to Isfahan on Saturday.

He welcomed the post-sanctions developments notably in the economic areas and said that foreign countries and companies did not negotiate with Iran on technology transfer.

‘Things have changed and negotiations have started,’ the minister added.
Vaezi also said that following withdrawal of sanctions, Iran will have more options to choose its foreign partners so that prices decline, competition will increase, and Iran’s conditions for importing high quality goods will be accepted.

‘We can use credit lines and will no longer use foreign exchange dealers,’ he said.
‘There will be a giant leap in the field of communications with implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action,’ said the minister.