Nowruz stalls in Europe

Tehran, Feb 4, IRNA – Iranian traditional Nowruz (New Year) exhibition stalls will present products for the customary annual celebrations, including handicrafts, in five European countries in the first half of 2016.

Head of Handicrafts Exporters Association, Majidreza Hariri, said after two such grand exhibitions in China, one of the targeted markets, Nowruz stalls will be designed to present local products in five European countries including France, Austria and the Netherlands, with the collaboration of the Iran Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization (ICHHTO), Financial Tribune reported.

Nowruz, which falls on March 20 this year, is the start of the Iranian new year marking the first day of spring, and is celebrated in Iran and other Persian-speaking nations.

Handwoven carpets and rugs, pottery, calligraphy, needle works like ‘zaridozi and termeh’, and metal works such as ‘minakari’ and ‘Qalam-zani’ (Toreutics) besides wood and stone carvings, are among the vast gamut of Iranian handicrafts.

“The location of the other two venues is still under discussion by the officials,” Hariri said.
The project is aimed at identifying and extending markets for Iran’s traditional artworks and handicrafts, he said, and invited businessmen and artisans to participate in the events.

“We are planning to promote further the handicrafts sector.” In the near future, training sessions will be held to familiarize artisans in international commerce, trade and marketing.