Syrian Army fends off ISIL attack near Deir Ezzur city

TEHRAN (FNA)- The Syrian Army announced minutes ago that its troops have repelled ISIL’s large-scale offensive on government forces’ defense lines near the Eastern city of Deir Ezzur.

“The ISIL launched a powerful assault on the government forces’ defense lines near Haweija in Deir Ezzur countryside, but the army soldier thwarted the terrorist group’s attack, and forced them to retreat from the battlefield,” the army said.

“The Syrian Army identified and destroyed two explosive-laden vehicles of the ISIL before the terrorist group could explode them near the government forces’ positions, which claimed the lives of several terrorists,” the army added.

On Friday, the Syrian fighter jets hit the ISIL’s positions in Deir Ezzur and pounded one of the group’s main training camp.

“The Syria warplanes bombed the ISIL strongholds in al-Badiyeh, al-Mayadin, al-Sobh and Abu Hammam in the Eastern territories of the province, which ended the killing or wounding of many terrorists, destruction of over 10 vehicles and major damage on the militant group’s training camp in the Eastern region,” the sources said.

By Fars News Agency