Afkham: ASEAN-Mideast joining possible through Iran-Malaysia link

Kuala Lumpur, Jan 29, IRNA – Council of Merchants of Iran and Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) in a new initiative in Malaysia in post JCPOA era has tired to join Southeast Asia and Middle East through the Iran-Malaysia link.

In the first meeting of that council attended by Iran’s Ambassador to Malaysia Marziyeh Afkham and dozens of Malaysian merchants and industrialists in Kuala Lumpur Ms. Afkham elaborated on the existing potentials in Iran for boosting bilateral relations between Iran and Southeast Asia.

She appreciated the initiative of establishing that council, saying that the 80-million-strong Iranian population now has broad economic, industrial, monetary, research, commercial, innovative, logistical and service rendering potentials for offering to Malaysia and vice versa.

The high ranking diplomat referred to Iran’s 200,000 kilometer standard roads, 12,000 railroads, 35 airports and 14 ports as the best link between the Indian subcontinent, Pakistan, Central Asian countries, Europe and the international waters.