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Security Council inability behind continuation of Israeli crimes: Dehqani

Tehran, January 27, The Iran Project – Iran’s Deputy UN Ambassador says the Security Council’s inability in resolving the Palestine conflict and the Israeli officials’ impunity are the reasons behind the continuation of Palestine occupation.

Iran’s Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN, Gholam Hossein Dehqani, whose country holds the presidency of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) made the remarks during the free-discussion session of the Security Council on “the Middle East and Palestine” in New York on Tuesday.

Criticizing the Security Council inability to settle the crisis in Palestine as reasons for the continuation of Palestine occupation and Israeli crimes, he added that the Israeli regime continues its inhuman and colonizing measures without the fear of legal pursuit.

“Israel violated the international rules and principles particularly the fourth Geneva Convention during the last four months which was also denounced by the international community,” he reiterated, noting that Israel has committed various illegal acts such as targeting the civilians, continuation of inhuman blockade of Gaza, confiscating Palestinians’ lands and properties and building the illegal settlements.

Dehghan also underscored the support of the NAM organization for the Palestinian resistance against the Israeli encroachment in its 49th anniversary.

Elsewhere in this session, Israeli representative pointed to Iran’s support of the resistance movements in Palestinian and Lebanon, alleging that the council should be vigilant in supervising Iran’s implementation of its commitment under JCPOA.

Responding the Israeli official’s false allegations, Dehghani considered the accusations as the tool to cover up the regime’s criminal policies across the region. Criticizing the Israeli mentioned demand, he underlined that the Israeli illegal nuclear activities is a real obstacle for the region to be free from nuclear weapons.

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