Iran to set up trade center in Astrakhan, Russia in 2016

Tehran, January 26, The Iran Project – Iran will set up a trade center in Russian city of Astrakhan in 2016, an official at consulate of the Islamic Republic in the city announced.

Speaking to reporters, Ali Mohammadi, Consulate General of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Astrakhan says that Iran is to set up a trade center in the city in 2016 following 10 years of pre-examination on this economic plan.

“The trade center location has been defined but the building needs reconstruction,” he said adding that an Iranian delegation is to travel Russia to implement reconstruction project in 3-5 months.

Russian port of Astrakhan is a center for commercial activities of nearly 200 Iranian firms which has turned the port to the largest center of Iranians’ economic activities in Russia.

Last year, Iranian Northern provinces and Astrakhan’ local officials held different talks to enhance the relations in trade and commerce.

Earlier in summer, the visiting President of Russia’s Astrakhan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) V.I. Vinokourov also called Iran to export Mazandaran high-quality products to Russia due to the Western sanctions.