Iran to set up private science and technology parks

Tehran, January 23, The Iran Project– A senior official at Iran’s ministry of science says the regulations related to the establishment of the private science and technology parks is being formulated and will be enforced until the end of current Persian year.

Speaking to a reporter, Khosro Piri, director general of Science, Research and Technology Ministry’s Office for Technology said that the regulations of private science and technology parks are currently being formulated, predicting that it will be decreed by Iran’s Minister of Science, Mohammad Farhadi until the end of current Persian year (1394).

Noting submission of the numerous requests by private centers to establish the parks, he explained that the inquiries will be examined following the regulations’ approval.

“The license to set up science and technology parks will be submitted if the parks enjoy the proper atmosphere and the well- defined strategic plan,” he underlined, pointing the ministry’s role in policy making, supervision and definition of guidelines in this area.

In concluding part of his remarks, he also added that information technology and communications are the main themes of the parks’ activities.