Iran to develop culture of entrepreneurship: Senior official

Tehran, January 21, The Iran Project – A senior official at the ministry of education says in order to develop the culture of entrepreneurship in Iran, the education ministry established entrepreneurship council, signing an agreement with the faculty of entrepreneurship entitled the global entrepreneurship monitor.

Seyed Mostafa Azarkish, Iran’s head of Working and Knowledge Department of education ministry made the remarks in Mazandaran province on Thursday, stating that following the establishment of entrepreneurship council, Iran’s ministry of education has inked an agreement with the University of Tehran’s Faculty of Entrepreneurship in order to promote the culture of entrepreneurship in Iran.

Noting the ministry of education as the major authority to educate entrepreneurs in Iran, he referred to the establishment of a council for entrepreneurship policy making in the ministry.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Azarkish highlighted entrepreneurial attitudes and behavior as the key indexes of Global Entrepreneurship Monitoring (GEM) which should be considered in all measures to be taken in the country.

Earlier this month, head of the University of Tehran’s Faculty of Entrepreneurship had announced that according to the figures released by the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM), Iran’s status in entrepreneurship indexes has been improved compared to last year, noting that Iran ranks fifth among the 60 countries participating in GEM’s survey.