Canada mulls lifting Iran sanctions amid cooperation opportunities

Canada intends to review its sanction policy in regard to Iran amid bilateral cooperation opportunities, Canada’s Innovation Minister Navdeep Bains told Sputnik on Thursday.

DAVOS (Sputnik), Daria Chernyshova — Earlier in the week, Bains expressed hope that Iran would purchase civilian aircraft from Canada.

“I’m going to work with my minister for foreign affairs, we will be working together to provide a timely response and the idea is to level the playing field. But I don’t want to prejudge the outcome, as this is something that we are very interested in. Aerospace is uniquely positioned, Canada is a global leader when it comes to aerospace, and we have some very strong companies and strong brands that can do well globally,” the minister said, stressing that Iran was among the countries of interest to Canada.

Bains added that Ottawa could offer Tehran the opportunity to cooperate in several other areas as well, including infrastructure, biotechnology, information and communications technology.

Last week, UN, EU, and US sanctions were lifted from Iran following Tehran’s implementation of its obligations under the nuclear deal signed with six world powers to ensure the peaceful nature of its nuclear program. Canada’s sanctions on Iran, including a complete embargo on sales of arms and items that could contribute to the Iranian nuclear program, remain in place.

By Sputnik News