National library to unveil Iran’s largest photo album: official

Tehran, January 19, The Iran Project – The head of Iran’s National Library and Archives Organization says Iran’s largest photo album with half million photos will be unveiled soon.

Seyyed Reza Salehi-Amir, head of Iran’s National Library and Archives Organization made the remarks on Tuesday, saying that the country’s largest photo album including nearly half a million photos is set to be unveiled soon in the National Library.

He also noted that this treasure contains more than 420 thousand professional photos, ten of thousands of valuable videos and slides which have been collected during four decades and donated to the national library.

Referring to the registration of the album in the memory of Iran program, he underlined that this photo collection includes valuable images of historical buildings, natural landscapes, customs, ceremonies and professions of Iranians during the years.

“This rich collection will be soon available to all interested Iranians,” he said in concluding part of his remarks.