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Iran’s parliament emergency plan to deal with pro-terrorism governments


A view of Iran's Majlis

 Tehran, January 12, The Iran Project – Iran’s members of parliament agreed to immediately review the plan of dealing with pro-terrorism governments and international institutions.

Iran’s members of parliament reviewed the single-emergency plan of dealing with pro-terrorism governments and foreign & international institutions.

Iranian lawmakers agreed the plan by a vote of 136-22 with 9 abstentions.

After the approval of the plan, Iran’s ministry of foreign affairs is required to prepare and publish a list of pro-terrorism governments within six months and the government is also obliged to cut or reduce its diplomatic relations with the governments mentioned in the list.

Given the provoking measures of some trans-regional powers, especially US and foreign intelligence services to strengthen terrorism in the Middle East, the plan was offered to the Iran’s parliament (Majlis).

Great effort is needed to counter terrorist groups that have been ravaging the region and the world. They threaten all communities, including Shias, Sunnis, Christians, etc. as they continue their atrocities.

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