Russian TV hails Iran’s stance against Saudis

Moscow, Jan 10, IRNA – Iran is trying to promote peace and stability in the Middle East and stop tensions, said the Russian state television in a program.

Tehran is patiently trying to resolve its issues with Riyadh to ward off further tensions in the region, Russia-2 TV said in a Sunday special political pogram.

Despite no direct conflict between Iran and Saudi Arabia, for the past few years the two countries have confronted each other in Syria, Iraq and Yemen, the program said.

There are Shia Muslims across all Sunni countries and the Shia countries too host Sunni minorities, said the program.

This is why the aggravation of religious differences could bode for unpredictable ramifications, it added.

Iran’s leaders by paying attention to this issue and understanding the consequences of provoking regional tensions, are practicing patience towards the Saudi actions, the program said.

Iran and Saudi Arabia severed diplomatic relations last week following the execution of outspoken Shia cleric, Nimr Shaikh al-Nimr, by the Saudis.