Leader’s advisor: Israel after creating tension between Iran, Saudis

Tehran, Jan 11, IRNA – Muslims and regional countries should maintain their vigilance against the Zionist occupying usurper regime which is trying to create tension between Iran and Saudi Arabia, says a senior military advisor to Iran’s Supreme Leader.

‘We hope that Muslims in the region will be watchful and vigilant, as the usurper regime of Israel is seeking to create tension between Iran and Saudi Arabia,’ Major-General Yahya Rahim Safavi told journalists on Monday, on the sidelines of a burial ceremony held for an IRGC commander.

‘Policies followed by the House of Saud are under the influence of the Zionist regime,’ Rahim Safavi said, adding that the Zionist regime, more than the United States, is seeking to create chaos and make the region insecure.

The level of Israeli influence on Saudis should be evaluated, said the advisor to the Supreme Leader, referring to the Saudi actions in Iraq and Syria as well as more than ten months of Riyadh military campaign in Yemen.

The political leaders in Iran and Saudi Arabia should be vigilant as all the insecurities in the region are in the interest of Israel, he said.