Nahavandian: Iran’s presence in world stronger than ever

Tehran, Jan 5, IRNA- Presidential Chief of Staff Mohammad Nahavandian said that certain countries’ decision to severe diplomatic tie with Iran causes harm to themselves.

On Saudi Arabia and some Arab countries’ decision on severing diplomatic relations with Iran, Nahavandian said that their adventurism and trouble making will do no harm to Iran.

He said that Iran would have a stronger economic presence in the world after the removal of the sanctions.

Commenting on the oil prices, he said current conditions could not be long term and the world oil market would achieve a balance.

Regarding some anti-Iran approvals in the U.S Congress, he said what the government of the United States does is important.

He added U.S Secretary of State has officially written to his Iranian counterpart that no action would be done against the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), and we should rely on an international agreement signed by world governments and approved by the United Nations Security Council.