Kuwait recalls ambassador to Iran

Kuwait has become the next Islamic country to renounce ties with Iran after it recalled its ambassador to Tehran, following Iran’s spat with Saudi Arabia.

The state-run Kuwait News Agency reported the news. A source at the Foreign Ministry blasted Iran for its alleged violations of the commitment to provide security to diplomatic missions – an accusation Iran has always refuted.

Kuwait’s move is the latest in a series of decisions taken by those siding with Saudi Arabia in its spat with Iran – a situation that started in earnest after the execution by Riyadh of a prominent Shia cleric, along with 46 other people.

This was followed by Iran’s condemnation, and later by angry Iranian protesters storming the Saudi Embassy in Tehran, leading to an international outcry over Iran’s alleged unwillingness to ensure the safety of diplomatic missions on its soil.

The decision also follows Bahrain and Sudan’s decisions to sever all diplomatic ties with Iran, and the United Arab Emirates to limit the number of Iranian diplomats allowed within its borders.

Sudan has now given Iranian diplomats two weeks to leave the country, AP reports. This comes a day after Khartoum informed Riyadh of its solidarity with Saudi Arabia on the Iranian matter and announced the expulsion of Iran’s ambassador.