Iran to launch new satellite by next year: Communication minister

Tehran, January 2, The Iran Project – Iranian Minister of communications says that negotiations are underway to produce two national communication and remote satellites by next year, highlighting that Iran brings the Mesbah Satellite back from Italy after removing sanctions.

Addressing a ceremony to introduce new Head of Iran Space Research Center in Tehran, Mahmoud Vaezi, Iran’s Minister of Communications and Information Technology announced that building a national communication satellite and another remote satellite are among the significant plans of Iran’s Space Agency in near future.

“The negotiations are underway to design and to produce the satellites whose contracts will be expected to be finalized by next year” he stated, pointing out the ministry’s agenda to produce a home-made national remote satellite that is expected to orbit by the Persian year of 1404 (2025)”.

Elsewhere in his remarks, he underlined that currently Iran has secured two orbital positions and is registering some other 13 positions.

Responding to a reporter, he also reiterated that the confiscated satellite is to return home after lifting of sanctions and starting the negotiations with Italy.

Earlier, Iran sent its Mesbah satellite to Italy in 2004 to undergo some testing and research, but Italy was unable to return it as a result of the UN Security Council’s sanctions on Iran.