Tehran hosts 14th Int’l Exhibition of Sporting Equipment

Tehran, December 30, The Iran Project – the 14th International Exhibition of Sports, Sporting Goods & Equipment and related industries (Sportex 2015) kicked off at the Municipality’s Fairground at Gofegou Park in Tehran on Wednesday.

In addition to 50 Iranian companies, representatives from 30 foreign corporations also have taken part in this fair.

China, South Korea, Taiwan, Turkey, Spain, Italy and the United States are among the countries attended this year’s exhibition.

The fair supplies different equipment and goods for team sports including soccer, volleyball, basketball, handball, wrestling, swimming, fitness and martial arts, as well as various entertainment goods, events and related services to the visitors.

According to the organizers, the current exhibition showcases the majority of the needed equipment for athletes at different age.

The 14th International Exhibition of Sport and Sport Equipment (SPORTEX 2015) is underway from December 30th to July 2nd from 10 am to 20 pm at Gofegou Park, Tehran.