One more Hajj victim identified

Isfahan, Dec 30, IRNA – Head of the Martyrs and Veterans’ Affairs Foundation Mohsen Pour-Abdollah said on Wednesday that remains of one more victim of the September 24 Hajj tragedy was identified on DNA test after 90 days after his burial in one of Mecca graveyards.

Pour-Abdollah told IRNA on Wednesday that remains of Dr. Abbassali Jowzi, a war veteran, was identified as two of his relatives, i.e. his son and brother, travelled to Mecca last week to give DNA test. The two close associates of Dr. Jowzi identified him on his photos taken previously.

Pour-Abdollah said no decision has yet been made for transfer of the remains of the victim to the country.
There are still nine victims whose remains have not been identified.
This year 64,000 Iranian pilgrims headed for Saudi Arabia for Hajj rituals of whom 464 lost their lives in Mina due to incompetency of the Saudi government. More than 8,000 Muslim pilgrims from four corners of the world died in the incident.